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About Dawn Christie



Light Over A Generation

Dawn Christie is known as the most gifted and 

powerful spiritual messenger of our time.

She received the gift of intuition at the age of 8,
which connected her to a higher, Universal level.
Through her
connection  she has been able

to help people around the world ascend to

their highest potential. To this day, her ability to see

into a soul, see the past, and illuminate

the individual's purpose on this earth 

has been unmatched.

Author of
the The Hidden Veil, Dawn has produced a
piece of literature that not only inspires,

but informs us how to truly LIVE!

Dawn offers

one-of-a-kind experiences, Spiritual Consultations, etc.

all designed to change your life and give you fast results.

Dawn has also been a resident host on LA TALK LIVES -

THE DAWN CHRISTIE SHOW where she captures the hearts of listeners

and viewers internationally.

 Dawn Christie represents a strong beam of light of hope and

change for the world. The number of lives she has touched

continues to grow each and every day, and our world is better for it.


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