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Dawn Christie is the world's most highly regarded and respected spiritualist, book author, teacher, lecturer, and media personality. Her work has impacted thousands of lives around the globe in hopes of achieving their dreams, seeking the truth and reaching their highest state.Her remarkable gift of connectedness to the universe has enabled her to transform the lives of thousands around the world. Imagine results that are instantaneous. Imagine everything falling into place for you, finally, in perfect, symbiotic harmony. Dawn tunes into exactly what it is preventing people from reaching this state, and gets them there with immediacy. Dawn speaks publicly, and also works privately with clients. She is an advocate on spirituality, universal law, and developing each soul to perfection. Her selfless endeavors, constant dedication and passion for her work is what distinguishes her.

For over 25 years, Dawn has brought happiness, success and faith to people of all walks of life. Her work is continually regarded as one of the most coveted and highly sought after throughout the world.

The Hidden Veil

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