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Career Consultation

Your PURPOSE... is your power.
We are all born with gifts to succeed in life;
God makes sure of that...
Sometimes we doubt ourselves, make poor choices or life throws us a wrench that we simply cannot handle. When life gets you off track, you find a need for guidance to confirm you are at the right place at the right time doing what your are meant to. Dawn's gift will confirm your purpose in life, wipe away concerns and hesitations, and show you how to open doorways to success that you wouldn't otherwise know of. This service is also for the accomplished business person; someone who feels on top of their game, but still maybe can't find fulfillment. This service can also benefit someone in need of immediate council on a major business decision, audition, merger, or development etc. Having Dawns insight help you confirm the right decisions to make, couldn't be more valued during stressful times.
This service is appropriate for people of all vocations: actors, musicians, doctors
etc. All age groups are welcome: from the seasoned businessman to the youth looking for the right direction for his life.
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